Work just made my mood even more shittier. I literally hate almost everyone there but Ricky and Allison and Jerry and Olivia G and none of them were there tonight … And then I got off 45 min late when I slaved to clean the entire treats area and we had no customers from like 8-9:45 when I finally got off.. Then as I’m leaving Barb tells me that I’m a register tmr. OMFG I hate the register. It wouldn’t be bad if I just had to simply punch some shit on a computer, but no. I have to clean the whole damn store when I have that job. I am in treats every fucking day and of course I’m a register on a Wednesday, first of all, which is church night so ppl are always coming, and on the night I have to close for the first time ever. HOLY POOP I have to be on a register until 11 and then I’m gonna have to slave to clean the whole dining room and the bathrooms til at least midnight I’m so done with the DQ life. 

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