So I went to my first violin lesson since March, and I seriously miss it soo much. I know I always complained about it, but damn I LOVE playing. My teacher is seriously psycho, but she’s taught me since I was like 8 so I guess it was obvious that I would miss it. Fck work for preventing me from going to lessons for 5 months, and fck my attitude bc I’ve taken these 9 years for granted.

10:37 am  •  23 July 2014

Also, I’m just so beyond happy to have a two day break from work. It’s been so stressful lately and I’m just so glad that I can be a fair rat for the next two nights. 

10:40 pm  •  22 July 2014  •  1 note

My hooker / biker boots are so awesome I’m so happy I made the purchase. I’ll have them on everyday even though they’re somewhat inappropriate, but truly do I ever wear anything appropriate? No so YOLO

10:39 pm  •  22 July 2014


This summer was so short and I didn’t really do anything that spectacular.. I hope and pray this school year isn’t shitty and doesn’t drag on.  

10:31 pm  •  22 July 2014  •  1 note